Diablo 4 gold is the main currency in the game that you can use to buy items, services, and upgrades. You can get gold by killing enemies, completing quests, selling loot, or trading with other players. In this guide, we will help you know how to getting rich quickly in Diablo IV.

Loot Chests and Containers

Another strategy to make gold fast in Diablo 4 is by looting chests and containers. These are scattered throughout the game, and they usually contain valuable items as well as gold. We recommend exploring each area thoroughly to ensure that you don’t miss any chests or containers.

Make the most of Greed shrines

This method can’t be used on a regular basis, but it’s a nice way to get some gold while it lasts. The Greed Shrine, one of many shrines you'll find on your travels, provides you with a buff that makes your enemies drop some gold when you defeat them.

Speed means everything in this case, so make the most of a Greed Shrine boost and do what you can to slaughter as many monsters as you can find. If you have a specific set of armour for Gold Find boosts, whack those on.


Players can repeatedly farm dungeons for gold by defeating every foe within. While any dungeon can technically be farmed, some offer better farming routes and can yield greater rewards for less time invested. Let’s have a look at some dungeons that are known for their farming potential early in the game, and are located within the first zone, the Fractured Peaks.

Anica’s Claim

This dungeon, located near the Bear Tribe Waypoint in Fractured Peaks, is an excellent spot for farming gold in the early game. To unlock this dungeon, players must first clear out the Malnok Stronghold. Once inside the dungeon, players should focus on killing all the foes, particularly Elites which spawn regularly.

To optimize farming, players can teleport back to town once their inventory is full and sell unwanted items before returning to the dungeon, resetting it, and starting again. Additionally, for a varied farming route, players can incorporate the nearby world event into their routine, alternating between completing the event and the dungeon. This strategy maximizes gold farming efficiency while still providing an engaging gameplay experience.

Dead Man’s Dredge

Yet another dungeon in the Fractured Peaks that can be an efficient spot for farming Gold – Dead Man’s Dredge. It is recommended to only run a circuit around the circular zone after entering the dungeon and loot everything while defeating foes along the way. Afterward, players can finish or reset the dungeon and then repeat this process for optimal results.

Participate in Seasons

Seasons are a great way to get some extra gold. Completing the seasonal objectives can earn you a lot of gold.

Here are some tips for participating in seasons in Diablo 4:

Know the season objectives: Make sure to read the description of the season and its objectives, so you know what you need to do and what rewards you can earn.

Plan your build: Plan a build that is well-suited for the objectives of the season. Experiment with different builds to find the one that works best for you.

Gear up: Make sure to have gear that is suitable for the content you will be facing in the season. Look for gear that increases your damage output, resistance, and life pool.

Take advantage of bonuses: Pay attention to the bonuses and rewards offered during the season, and make sure to take advantage of them to maximize your progress.

Play with others: Playing with other players can make the season more fun and easier to complete. Join a community or find a group of players to play with regularly.

Stay organized: Keep track of your progress and make a plan for what you need to do next. Prioritize objectives that will give you the biggest rewards and progress.

Take breaks: If you’re finding it difficult to complete the season, it may be helpful to take a break and come back later with a fresh mindset and renewed energy.

Participate in events: Make sure to participate in events that are taking place during the season, as they offer opportunities to earn extra rewards and make progress towards your season objectives.

World Events

As you roam around Sanctuary, you’ll occasionally see an orange triangle with three dots pop up on your mini-map, denoting a world event. Head towards the triangle, and it will shift to an orange ring, signaling the area where the event takes place.

These usually involve a small boss, pressure plates, effigies you have to destroy, NPCs you have to protect, or waves of minions you have to fight through or fend off for a few minutes. Though we wouldn’t recommend exclusively seeking these out if you’re on the hunt for gold, don’t pass up on them as you explore. The gold reward is decent and comes with XP and gear you can sell for gold, which we’ll cover later.

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